Wednesday, 14 April 2010

More babies

You won't believe this but we have another twelve baby ducks. This time by one of our white ducks... the little darlings hatched out this morning. The nest was close to the house and we have been giving it a wide berth for a few weeks now, espeacially as the mom duck has a go at us if we venture too near. I first spotted them in the swimming pool having a good drink and then they couldn't get out so in spite of the mom assuming I was trying to hurt her babies I managed to get them all out and she waddled off with all of them behind her to our lake which is a good 100 yards away. I followed her down, and it was lovely to see the male duck coming over to greet them. I swear he looked really excited. While she was on the nest he used to come up to visit her and then go back down to the lake to have his way with the other females!! Tonight they are all now settled on the lake and looking a very happy family.

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