Saturday, 1 May 2010

British Rail and "Rats"

Okay, here is an advert for British Rail. In spite of all the awful things you hear about our train/underground system, I have to say I have had a very pleasant journey to London today. The ticket collector was very friendly, the train was on time, clean, bright and nearly empty, inspite of it being 8.30 in the morning and what can be more relaxing then speeeding through the English countryside seeing sights you would never get to see by car. I sat back in the comfortable seat and listed to my Ipod, the only thing missing was a nice cup of tea and toast. Might make a suggestion to the powers that be. Even the fare I thought was reasonable, it worked out at about £7.00 each way. I guess this blog is a bit sad really.....maybe I ought to get out more instead of being buried in the countryside.

Anyway to make this blog more interesting, here are some pictures of a couple of "rats" we are looking after for a friend of mine while she is in say the least, Sam, Megan and Jess are not amused!!

Love to you all

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